Swiss Made Watches

Aurum Swiss deals with the design, production and assembly of cases, components and watches produced in Switzerland.
The “swiss made” brand not only indicates Swiss origin, but also conveys the high quality of watches.

The design is carried out in our laboratories in Chiasso, where the ability of our technicians allows us to follow the customer from the idea to the project, blending together aesthetic taste and technical requirements.


Aurum Swiss is not limited to design alone but also takes care of the production of the pieces, starting from the CNC machining, passing through the finishing up to the control and assembly phases.

Research and Development

Our constant work in research and development has led us to raise the knowledge and competence in the processing of various materials, so as to be able to satisfy even the most innovative requests.


The most used materials are:

  • 18k and 14k gold in the different colors
  • silver
  • bronze in all of its alloys
  • stainless steel
  • aged steel
  • stainless steel with gold
  • titanium
  • alluminium